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With ranches in both California and Arizona, Big Sky Cattle Ranch builds upon its foundation herd consisting of proven cows and herd sires from the finest Red Angus and Charolais breeders in the industry.

The goal for Big Sky Cattle is to work in a variety of genetic programs under various conditions to create cattle with powerful and predictable genetics that offer total performance. The long-term success of our program has stemmed from their production and continuous search for great females cows. It is based on building a herd of great females from top cow families that are easy keeping in any environment and produce range bulls that can deliver the highest quality beef. Our program is built on a strong reputation, and pursuit of the ultimate Red Angus and Charolais genetics.

All our seedstock cattle are registered with breed associations and are documented pedigrees. We want to make sure our programs deliver on the expectation of our customers while our business philosophy remains the same: “To produce the very best genetics we can that are backed by trusted service.”  If you are interested in pedigreed females or bulls that will produce great replacements, please call us: 805.995.1209. or Click here to send us an email.

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